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Vibrant Healing address concerns in children, adolescents, young adults, and families who may be struggling with emotion regulation, life stressors, mental illness such as depression, anxiety, trauma, family issues. We aim to work with all people regardless of race, origin, sex, gender, disability, religious or political affiliation, sexual identity or orientation, or marital status.


Vibrant Healing is currently providing Telehealth services for all sessions below.



Individual Session

Individual therapy is a safe space for people to explore their feelings and gain insight into their thoughts and behaviors. I provide an opportunity to work on personal goals, learn new skills, build self-esteem, and ultimately improve the quality of life. I assist with developing effective coping strategies to assist with better managing life stressors. Through individual therapy, individuals can gain greater insight into themselves, create meaningful changes in their lives, and develop healthier relationships with others.


60 minute session

$110/per session


Family Session

Family therapy is a type of counseling that helps the members of a family work together to solve conflicts, rebuild trust, and improve bonds. Its goal is to help family members communicate better and understand each other's needs. It can also help strengthen relationships between parents and children as well as siblings. Family therapy can be used to address issues such as communication problems, parenting styles, and much more. With the right guidance and support, families can learn how to better manage their emotions and improve communication within the family unit.


60 minute session

$150/per session

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